Auto Glym Car Cleaning and Valeting Premium Car Care for all cars.

Clean Wheels
Provides highly effective rapid removal of brake dust and traffic flim from alloy, steel and painted wheels and wheel trims
Leather Cleaner
Neutral formula made with purified water, saftly cleans and freshens automtive leather, upholstery and trim.
Vinyl and Rubber Care
Conditions and Beatifies all interior plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces. Forms a tough sheen to protect against moisture, dust, staining and fading.
Fast Glass
For rapid cleaning of windows inside and out. Non abrasive formula is perfect for plastic and soft top windows.
Perfect Polishing Cloth
Avoid smearing and scratching. 100% soft cotton and exactly the right weave density for polishing fine surfaces.
Interior Shampoo
Easy to use spray and wipe formula `deep cleans` quickly and safely. Deodorises and freshens upholstery and carpets.
Bodywork Shampoo
Specialist shampoo for removing traffic film and grime. Forms a glossy water reppelent barrier which protects and beautifies.
Super absorbent long lasting synthetic leather. Outperforms the real thing, is easier to use and less expensive. Washable and will not rot.
Intensive Tar Remover
Instantly and safely dissolves tar from paintwork and plastics. Also removes oils, grease, fuel stains, adhesives, residues and tree sap.
metal Polish
Cleans and shines to impart a brilliant long lasting finish on metal surfaces including chromium, stainless steel, aluminnium and alloys.
Bumper Care
Removes polish stains and ingrained grime from exterior plastic and rubber trim. Restores and beautifies all colours.
Super Resin Polish
Widely acclaimed, easy to use, combination cleaner, polish and sealant. For all paintwork types, colours and finishes
Car Glass Polish
Removes all common contaminants quickly and easily. Specialist cleaners have a crystal clear finish inside and out.
Extra Gloss Protection
Super tough paintwork sealant. Provides extra protection, especially after using Super Resin Polish. For all paint types.
Leather Care Cream
Contains natural oils and minerals to feed and preserve leather upholstery. Protects against ageing, bleaching and cracking.
Paint Renovator
Exceptionally fast working abrasive. Removes light scratches, haze and oxidation, with a controllable cuting and polishing action.
Fabric Hood Kit
Cleans, re-proofs and preserves convertible fabric hoods to protect from the effects of water absorption and surface soilling.

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